our culture

Like the rest of the world, we have endured a challenging past few years. And while we haven’t always known the answers to all of the questions, we have continued to move forward and achieve success by continuing to do the next right thing. Seeing the good defines our approach to our business, our employees, and our clients.

We believe in empowering our teams to make decisions that propel business. We trust each other and offer significant degrees of autonomy and support. Our leaders serve as SMEs in their respective fields and are fully committed to supporting and growing their teams.

At AX Beauty, we see the good in people.

At AX Beauty, we don’t provide prescriptive solutions to challenges. Instead, we encourage self-reflection and creative problem-solving. We maintain high respect, acknowledge high performance, and collaborate strongly.

We fully support a remote organization yet understand that sometimes, in-person collaboration is required to reach desired outcomes. Therefore, as needed, we arrange in-person strategy sessions and team-building activities, which foster a collaborative atmosphere.